Raw, the Dark Side of Sexual Abuse

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****Sometimes, you learn more about the skeleton when you look at the bones.**

Allow me to explain.

Breastfeeding advocacy is the foundation of CoverMyHeart. I have built that foundation with strong relationships within the breastfeeding community and among moms.

It is true that quite often a mom decides that breastfeeding is not for her.  Unknowingly, she may be making that decision based upon a past experience that was negative in nature or by a fundamentally flawed teaching she received. 

I was _that mom_ who couldn't or wouldn't share my struggles because they were too painful.  The reasons were hidden deeply within my heart, and I didn't know how to release them--even if I wanted to do so. 

If you find yourself in a position like mine, the questions naturally flow.  How do you share a struggle when you have been taught to keep a secret?  How do you bravely tell the truth when you are called a liar by those who hurt you?  How do you offer help?  

After many years of personal struggle, I came to realize that I can only answer those questions when I step forward and honestly share my PTSD story.  It is critical to clearly identify the inner emotional struggles that interfere and block success for moms who have had similar experiences.   My success in doing this will bring awareness to those who have been victims of sexual abuse and how those experiences contribute to the decision on whether or not to breastfeed and transition into motherhood. 

Naturally, this is a hard subject to approach, and the results are unknown and may be far-reaching.  It is my hope and prayer that my words will resonate with others who have had similar paths.  It is time to open that closet, take out that skeleton, examine it bone by bone, determine what it is, and recognize what needs to be addressed--thus, diminishing its hold until it becomes powerless.   

It is time for truth.  It is time to be a voice for others.

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